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Application of CERA GLARE ceramic nano coating

Inspection and Cleaning :

You have to do Inspection of car properly. If there is repainted car you need to check paint quality. Some time poor paint quality will cause problem. Or some time paint is not dried properly in that case don’t apply ceramic coating on that surface. Proper cleaning of car is must. Cutting with wool pad and rubbing and polishing with proper tools are must on each car before applying ceramic coating. Even on new car or old car this above process is must before application of ceramic coating on car. You have to clean car properly with IPA Cleaner before application of ceramic nano coating and after rubbing polishing is done. That will remove all dust partials of rubbing polishing compound.

Don’t do Ceramic coating in direct sun light. Or in high temperature area.

Application of CERA GLARE Ceramic Nano Coating.

Pour some drop of CERA GLARE liquid on applicator and apply by vertical and horizontal by wiping on approx 3 TO 5 sq Feet area. Don’t apply on wide or too big area. Dived your surface in small little parts and apply ceramic Nano coating by wiping. Now you can see some oily or hazy mark of liquid on surface. Now wait for approx 30 TO 60 Seconds depend on temperature and weather condition. Now buff this part with microfiber cloth. (MINIMUM 400 GSM OR MORE OR EVEN 800 GSM IS BATTER) Buff with very soft gentle hand. Don’t put pressure to remove coating. Just a little effort to remove those hazy or oily marks to make surface glossy with the coating. A very smooth and soft buffing is need with microfiber cloth. Now apply on second part with the same process. So you have to repeat this process step by step on whole car. Recoating the surface within 45 TO 60 minutes. Don’t increase time gape in between 2 layers. And you have to finish the coating once start the job. No chance of any time gape or interval once you start ceramic coating job. And make sure to change applicator and microfiber towel time to time or layer by layer. Don’t use same applicator or microfiber for long time or for multiple layer. You have to recoat or apply another layer on the surface with CERA GARLE after approx 45 TO 60 minutes. The recoating time may vary in all season and temperature. This is how you can apply 3 to 6 or 9 layers of ceramic nano coating on the surface.

Maintenance of Ceramic Coated Surface.

After coating you cannot driver your vehicle for next 24 to 48 hours. Don’t wash your vehicle for next 5 TO 7 days. And protect from water, bird drop etc. After 7 days only clean the car with wet microfiber cloth and drinking water only. That will give you long term durability of protective coating. You can use ceramic nano coating on painted surface, alloy wheel, metal parts, , lamp, chrome grills, etc everywhere. Trial application on each part is must before final application of ceramic nano coating to see compatibility with that particular area in each season and temperatureg on the surface.