Graphene Based Ceramic Nano Coating

Graphene Based Ceramic Nano Coating

Graphene can be described as a single layer of graphite. Graphene is widely known as a one-atom-thick two-dimensional sheet of carbon that is tightly packed into honey-comb like lattice.

Graphene is the next level of automotive paint coatings.

There are quite a bit of similarities with ceramic coatings. For example, Graphene also uses nanotechnology to bond to your vehicle’s paint thus ensuring molecular level sealing and protection. Yet what makes Graphene Coating a game changer? While both, ceramic coatings and Graphene coatings, both protect against UV rays, water, dirt, and some contaminants, Graphene has the advantage of being the strongest material on Earth! While also being one of the thinnest materials due to its one atom structure. Thinner yet stronger.

Graphene alone will not form a coating. Graphene is a flat non-reactive plane, it will not form a bond with other things. Graphene coatings are coatings with Graphene molecules grafted onto the ceramic backbone. If you think of the graphic of the Graphene oxide, the tails you see sticking up are what is grafted onto the ceramic molecule. The Ceramic molecule bonds with the car, and the Graphene portion of the molecule is on top, forming the surface of the coating.

Graphene Based ceramic nano coating creates an extremely durable protective coating with superior strength, flexibility and repellency that enhances and maintains vehicle finishes.

Because of it’s honeycomb structure and chemical properties, Graphene has a very high water contact angle when compared to most coatings on the market.

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